Give Generously

For those St. Augustine Rotarians for whom our club has significant meaning and would like to demonstrate support for the club and the community in an enduring manner, here are a few ideas ...

Estate Planning

Ask your legal counsel to modify your estate planning by including a specific portion for: The Rotary Club of St Augustine Foundation Inc. Fund.

Your Birthday

Every time a birthday or anniversary rolls around, consider donating to the Rotary Club of St. Augustine Foundation.

Ask Our Treasurer

Ask our Club treasurer to add $5, $10, or some other amount to your monthly Club invoice in the name of: The Rotary Club of St. Augustine Foundation Fund.

Write a Check

Write a check to The Rotary Club of St. Augustine Foundation Fund in memory of someone meaningful to you or our community. Deliver that check with any desired instructions to either Janice Long or Louise Anderson.  If we can help make it more meaningful to you through some jester or action, please let us know.

Have an Idea?

Then, by all means tell us about it! Contact our club here or talk to your club treasurer at the next meeting.

A Few Details About Your Donation

We are a 501-C3 charitable organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible. With your donation or annually, our Treasurer will send you an IRS required statement of the amount of your annual contributions.

Our Fund is invested wisely and soundly managed by an independent board.  Each year the club priorities are determined by club leadership and the Foundation board determines how they can help with fundraising efforts to accomplish the priorities.  It is customary that up to three charities are selected as awardees from annual fundraising activities.
Any donations should be made payable to The Rotary Club of St. Augustine Foundation Fund and it will be deposited in our account at Ameris Bank.  Funds are regularly transferred and managed in a separate investment account with First Coast Wealth Advisors, LLC of St. Augustine.